Summer Branch Drop (SBD) - What's the Crack?

2019-07-24 7:29 AM | Admin (Administrator)

Every summer, when we get long hot dry periods, concern is often raised about the risk from Summer Branch Drop (SBD).  Fear not.  We’ve got the risk management of SBD covered for you in our free Summer Branch Drop Note.

In brief, the overall risk from SBD is mind-boggling low.  What that means is there’s no need to fret about putting up signs, or fencing, or pruning, unless you have a tree that’s a repeat offender.

Have a look at our Risk Management page for lots more free and handy tree risk management advice and help.



  • 2020-01-15 7:48 PM | Guy Meilleur
    Socket failure at the attachment is NOT SBD.
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    • 2020-01-16 7:48 AM | Admin (Administrator)
      I see you've retrospectively added this comment after your LinkedIn post claiming that this photo alone was reason to question the credibility of VALID as a tree risk assessment system. I'm going to leave this up as an example of the kind of trolling you often get up to on social media.

      The photograph is from Perth, Western Australia. It’s a branch that failed in calm weather conditions during Perth’s usual hot dry summer. There was no deluge of rain leading up to it. Neither did it fail mid-afternoon. Many would label this as 'Sudden Limb Drop' in Australia. That's part of the point of this post and Summer Branch Drop Note. You might want to read it before posting these kind of unhelpful comments and drawing ridiculous conclusions.
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