The benefits of a 'Tree Risk Management Strategy'

2019-10-20 9:18 PM | Admin (Administrator)

The Coroner’s findings into the death of Brendan Smith from a tree falling onto a Tasmanian highway is one of the reasons I’m about to head out there - along with running tree risk training workshops and some work with government agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia’s ‘Arbor Age’ magazine have recently published ‘Death on the Highway’, which is a piece about the findings and the importance of having a robust Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy.  Below is a grab of the first page.


  • 2020-01-17 8:11 AM | Jacob Oram
    Unfortunately, my cousin Harris also died in Hobart due to fall of a tree on a road. Students can get tips here to write their CV easily. He was going home from office and suddenly involved in an accident on the road because a big tree fell dawn itself and sent my cousin into the mouth of death.
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