Drive-by/Windshield Tree Risk Assessment

2020-07-14 2:13 PM | Admin (Administrator)

Here’s the first draft of a Drive-by Assessment that’s open for comments; which are very welcome.

Tree risk assessment - Drive-by/Windshield assessment

The plan is to see how it evolves based on what State Roads (Tasmanian Government) come back with, and any additional comments. I’ll check with them to see whether they’re okay sharing their Traffic Management Plan. This is really important because the risk of assessing trees on a high-use road is much higher than the risk of branches or trees falling on a high-use road.

It can be adapted to meet your needs. By way of explanation for how this is set up. It’s part of the Government Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy. So, you’ll need to be familiar with that to understand the difference between Active Assessment & Passive Assessment. And the three levels of Active Assessment – Basic, Detailed, and Advanced.

Zones of high confluence = High use + mature trees

In VALID that’s 1400 or more vehicles a day. The speed limit doesn’t matter. For people, we’re looking at around 1200 per day. This translates to someone passing every minute or so between 7am – 7pm, Mon – Fri.

A Validator is someone who we’ve trained on the two day workshop. They can carry out a Detailed Assessment. You can replace this with Arborist and whatever accreditation they need.

What is VALID?


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