Summer Branch Drop - Update

2020-08-08 3:37 PM | Admin (Administrator)

As we’re going through a hot spell in the UK at the moment, it’s time to release v4.0 of the Summer Branch Drop (SBD) Guide.

Those of you who are concerned about the risk from SBD, this should help reassure you. The overall risk from SBD is mind-bogglingly low. In this update, we have an easy to grasp explanation of what mind-bogglingly low means. The overall risk from SBD for a whole year is the equivalent of the few minutes it takes to cover about 2 miles (3km) on a drive.

200 miles (320km) drive = 1 micromort (a one in a million chance of death).

The overall risk from SBD is over one hundred times lower than this.

If you’re a duty holder, unless you’ve got a tree that’s a repeat offender, there’s no need to fanny around with confusing and ineffectual warning signs. Just download the SBD Guide from the Government section on the Risk Management page of the website.

Summer Branch Drop Notice

Photo credit - Paul Barton

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