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Tree Risk Assessment Training

What's in it for me?

Tree risk can be really hard work, can’t it?  Well, the good news is it needn’t be.  We've done a lot of the hard work for you by taking the bafflegab (vague words) and numberwang (difficult maths) out of tree risk.  What we've done is take the friction out of tree risk assessment and management for you.

One of the things you’re going to love about upgrading to VALID is how much more user-friendly you’re going to find it.  Whether you carry out tree risk assessments, or manage tree risk, it's about to get a lot less complicated and more effective.

Don't take our word for it.  "Uncomplicated, intuitive, simpler, clearersmarter".

This is what everyone's saying after they've moved ahead and invested in VALID tree risk training.

The experience of early adopters shows that VALID is such a far-reaching improvement in the world of tree risk that we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is.  If, after training, you go back to how you used to assess and manage tree risk we’ll refund you the fee.

For more information see Why it's VALID and VALID Training, or contact us.  Can't make these dates? Or want to follow what we get up to? Let's stay in touch.

What they're saying

An elegantly simple solution to a complex problem - all in the palm of your hand!

Andrew Benson PhD, Consultant

The Tree Consultancy Company, NZ

VALID will replace current methods because it’s much smarter, a lot easier to use, and it's more efficient"

Steve Kneebone, Director

Classic Tree Services, AU

"Simple, effective, and pragmatic"

Dom Scanlon, Chartered Arboriculturist

Aspect Tree Consultancy, UK

Finally, one without Numberwang!

An intuitive App that's already an integral part of my work

Mark Welby

AA Registered Consultant, UK

Love the App! It really is a joy to use. Simultaneously comprehensive

and uncomplicated."

Colin Horton, Arboricultural Officer

East Lindsey District Council, UK

An innovative, intuitive, and refreshingly clear approach to tree risk is first rate.

Jason Hasaka, Principal Consultant

Bartlett Tree Experts, UK & Ireland

Thanks again...hugely informative

and really enjoyable."

Fraser Robinson, Arborist

Robinson Tree Services, NZ

A risk assessment revelation - going through VALID, you get to see what's really happening with tree risk"

Richard Nicholson

Arboricultural Consultant, UK

VALID’s cleverly built-in calibration for occupancy and likelihood of failure is user-friendly and highly effective

Mark Hartley, The Tree Doctor

The Arborist Network, AU

At long last, tree risk assessment with clarity and impact

Jon Kiely

Chartered Arboriculturist, UK

“An excellent two days.

A really refreshing perspective on

long-held points of view.”

Barry McKenna, Highways

Kent County Council, UK

"...a sophisticated and user-friendly helps us explain tree risk in simple, easy to understand terms"

Gwilym Griffiths, Urban Forest Manager

Inner West Council, Sydney, AU

"VALID has changed the way I look at tree risk assessment"

Jeff Opar, ISA Tree Academy

Certified Arborist, USA

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