Taking the 'Defect' out of Tree Risk

2023-01-08 1:25 PM | Admin (Administrator)

Taking the 'Defect' Out of Tree Risk-Benefit Management and Assessment, has been updated. It's been published in the NZ Arb's 2022 Spring edition.

Tree Risk Obvious Defects

Here's the introduction to whet your appetite.

"We’ve grown up being told that when we assess tree risk we should be looking out for tree ‘defects’. The problem with this approach is what we're commonly labelled as defects often aren’t defects at all."


  • 2023-01-10 12:09 PM | Daniel Part
    Good morning tree people

    I have just forwarded this fantastic article to B&NES Council, who of no fault of their own whatsoever, are being asked to determine with no depth of evidence to 'Condemn and throw to the Lions, a World Heritage mature copper beech!'.. or 'TPO it'?

    In this our world of constant increasing worry.. to some.. David's article breaths true Sense and Sensibility that Jane Austin would have been proud of, as she probably knew the tree in person..

    It commands the landscape and has done for more than 150 years, poised within our glorious city of Bath along the Beckford Ride in our beloved Lansdown landscape. Though if the corporate insurers feel the pressure.. it may not be standing for much longer and we will be devoid of a this great specimen.. or .. perhaps not..

    Please see B&NES Council website for my VALID tree assessment, that I submitted and offered up for free!.. in my moral attempt to do the right thing.. and try to metaphorically hug this tree with a meaningful positive outcome.

    Only through a gargantuan incremental shift in tree culture thinking, championed within this article can we set about influencing the thinking of what Prince Harry would refer to as 'unconscious bias'

    Determination Date 16/12/23
    Planning Application 22/05063/TCA

    love treeparts
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    • 2023-02-02 7:09 PM | Daniel Part
      Hi David @ admin

      I Thought it might be worth mentioning... Further to the submission of our VALID detailed assessment.. Bath and North East Somerset Council have considered all submitted documents in 22/05063/TCA.. and independently made their own determination.

      Whereby they have issued a Tree Preservation Order for this tree, Objecting to its application for a felling request!

      Valid result!
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