Tree Risk-Benefit Assessment & Management

What is VALID?

"An elegantly simple solution to a complex problem - all in the palm of your hand!Whether you assess or manage tree risk, VALID's an all new way to help you raise your game.

You'll get a super smart, user-friendly App that guides you through the tough decisions.  The App's so smart it works out the risk, takes photos, and writes up your report for you. 

If all that wasn't enough, you'll also get the world's first complete tree risk-benefit management system.

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Tree Risk Assessment

You've installed the App, and it looks great.  Now you'd like know how to use it. Visit Training to find out how.

If you're interested in a tree risk training course near you, or want to organise one in-house, contact us.  Or stay in touch for the latest news.

Tree Risk Management

You're a tree manager, landowner, or a homeowner, and you'd like some help managing your tree risk.

Free help is available on the Risk Management page.  Go to Find an Arborist for a tree expert nearby.  Get in touch with us for more help.

What is VALID?


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