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Want to know what Likelihood of Occupancy to put in the Tree Risk App when you're assessing risk at a School?

What the Consequences are in a Cemetery?

Or, which Likelihood of Failure category to choose when VALID has three greens and two ambers?

The Validator Community is where you'll get your answers.

The Community is here to support you. It's your safe place where you can ask questions, and help each other by sharing your knowledge. It's not open to the public, and you'll need to log in to enter.

Here are some guidelines.

  • Be kind, be polite, be respectful.
  • What goes on in the Community stays in the Community. The Community is ALL about helping you and sharing so we can be better at what we do.
  • No one has permission to use any post on here to try and gain advantage over another Validator on the outside.

Asking for help

Any question is a good question. But we know sometimes a question can be difficult to ask.

If you want help from the Community without it being known who you are, this is what you do.

1) Click View Profile

2) Click the Privacy link

3) Click Edit Profile

4) Uncheck Show profile to others

5) Post your question. Your name will appear as Anonymous


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