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2021-05-24 11:38 AM | Admin (Administrator)

Jeremy Barrell’s Arb Magazine version of his journal article has had some Arborists ask us about where his binary, ‘High’ or ‘Low’ likelihood of occupancy approach sits with VALID.

To recap. The heart of the article is three legal cases cherry-picked by Jeremy where Jeremy acted as an expert and are Jeremy’s interpretations of these cases where Jeremy’s evidence was a key factor.

When we first went through the article, we were alarmed to find it appeared to be less about reasonable, proportionate, and reasonably practicable tree risk-benefit management (which is what the Courts and Coroners want) and more about what Jeremy expects to contest as an ‘expert’.

Jeremy Barrell Tree Risk Management Article

Back to the binary ‘High’ v ‘Low’ likelihood of occupancy. VALID’s likelihood of occupancy categories are based on log base 10, like the Richter scale uses to measure earthquakes. If we show the likelihood of occupancy to scale, and set High at the centre, we can compare VALID’s and Jeremy’s likelihood of occupancy categories. Jeremy’s High occupancy spans four orders of magnitude. Or, another way of looking at it. A Richter scale 4 earthquake is the same as a Richter scale 7 earthquake.

Jeremy Barrell Tree Risk Management | Likelihood of Occupancy

Tree Risk Management ! Likelihood of Occupancy


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