Sign of the times | Summer Branch Drop

2021-07-08 9:21 PM | Admin (Administrator)

We know from the available data that the overall risk from Summer Branch Drop is mindbogglingly low.

The risk is so low, our risk of death from driving for the few minutes it takes to cover 3km/2mi is higher than from Summer Branch Drop over a whole year.

Yet, fear-mongering and threats from risk entrepreneurs about legal action if such a mindbogglingly low risk happens are pushing some anxious duty holders into wasting time and money on putting up confusing and ineffective signs; like this recent photo at Scone Palace, Scotland.

Sudden Limb Drop Sign | Summer Branch Drop

Not only are the costs of commissioning and managing these signs grossly disproportionate to any questionable reduction in a risk that's already Acceptable. Their ineffectiveness may backfire on the duty holder and create an opportunity for a risk entrepreneur to act as an expert in the extremely unlikely event of someone being injured or killed. It'd be all too easy for them to claim the duty holder hadn't managed the risk well enough with signs and they could've reduced it more by fencing or pruning. Or if the visitor wasn't an English speaker, why wasn't the sign translated into their language.

The risk from Summer Branch Drop

If you're a duty holder, or advise one, worry not about Summer Branch Drop and where, when, and how many signs to put up - or how many languages to use. We've got you covered with our handy Summer Branch Drop Guide on our Risk Management page.

Summer Branch Drop (SBD) Guide