Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy | School, College, or University

2022-06-08 9:38 AM | Admin (Administrator)

We have several free Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy templates that we've released under a creative commons licence.

You can read all about them on our Risk Management page, and download them as pdf files.

We're happy to share them with you as Word Template .dotx files as well, which makes it easier to customise the few sections that you need to. We've included the fonts that you might not have.

The is the version for a School, College, or University.  It's similar to the Landowner one, where the Duty Holder has no trained Arborists as staff.

Tree Risk Management | Policy & Plan - School, College, or University

School TRBM Strategy v9.0.pdf

School TRBM Strategy v9.0.dotx

Here are the main fonts used in the Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategies.

Museo 700
Source Sans Pro

Georgia is the body text and that should already be on your computer.


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