Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy | Summary

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This is the one-side-of-paper Summary of our Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategies.

The history
We were first asked to put this together by the Department of State Growth, Tasmanian Government, when they were adopting VALID. It's role was to explain what the Strategy is all about to the departments strategic decision makers. The Summary proved such a useful communication tool, it found its way into the Government Agency template, and we've released it for general use.

How to use the Strategy Summary
It works at two levels. If you're a Duty Holder, you can grasp the complete Strategy within the time it takes to take a few sips of tea or coffee. Similarly, if you're an Arborist you can quickly catch the eye of a busy potential client and add value to your service.

Active Assessment - Every 5 years?
We think a 5 yearly Active Assessment frequency in Zones of High Confluence is reasonable, proportionate, and reasonably practicable. It's what many Duty Holders are adopting. Here, there's strength in numbers singing from the same hymn sheet if a risk is realised and a claim or enforcement action is being threatened. However, this is a Duty Holders decision. If they have a lower 'risk appetite' and are prepared to spend more money, we don't have a problem with a shorter frequency of Active Assessment.  Just edit the PDF or Word Template.

Tree Risk Management Strategy | Policy & Plan

Strategy Summary v8.0.pdf

Strategy Summary v8.0.dotx

Here are the main fonts used in the Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategies.

Museo 700
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Georgia is the body text and that should already be on your computer.


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