What is Tree Risk Management?

2020-07-03 11:18 AM | Admin (Administrator)

Tree Risk Management is how a Duty Holder goes about managing the risk from branches or trees falling to an Acceptable or Tolerable level.

Tree Risk Management - Tolerability of Risk Framework

Trees give us many benefits that we need. But, they're natural structures that sometimes fall over or shed branches; usually because of severe weather.

Tree managers and owners have a Duty or Standard of Care to manage the risk from their trees. The Duty also says they should be reasonable, proportionate, and reasonably practicable when managing the risk.

Tree Risk Management - Reasonable, Proportionate, Reasonably Practicable

That means there's a balance they need to strike between the many benefits trees provide, the risk, and the costs of managing the risk. By taking a balanced approach, they don't waste resources by reducing risk - and losing benefits - when the risk is already Acceptable or Tolerable.

The most effective way for a Duty Holder to discharge their Duty of Care is to adopt a Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy, that includes a Policy and a Plan.

Tree Risk Management Strategy - Policy & Plan

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