Speaking truth to power | The benefits of a tree risk management strategy

2023-02-03 8:42 AM | Admin (Administrator)

Any assessment of risk from trees falling should begin with a Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy.

Whether you're a Duty Holder or a Risk Assessor, here are 5 valid reasons why the Strategy is your greatest tree risk asset.

1 The Context
A Strategy establishes the context (ISO 31000) of the risk universe in which you're working. It sets out your stall by defining your 'risk objectives', and setting out the rules of the game.

2 What you're doing
It makes it clear what a Risk Assessor is doing when they're looking at a tree. Why they're doing it. And what the limitations are.

3 The donkey work
The Strategy does more than 95% of your risk assessments for you.

4 Underwritten
Your insurers will be happy to underwrite you.

5 The truth of the matter
The Strategy 'speaks truth to power'.

Tree Risk Expert Witnessspeaking truth to power

In the extremely unlikely event of an Acceptable or Tolerable risk happening. And a claim is being considered. It's the Strategy that puts you in the best position to disarm an Expert Witness who struggles with risk literacy.

Or regulate a Risk Entrepreneur, who profits by talking up the risk.

The Strategy also gives you defence in depth by speaking truth to Judges, Coroners, and Enforcement Officers.

If you want to know what a Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy looks like, we've got a whole bunch of free templates on our Risk Management page.

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