Tree Hazard Defects?

2023-02-19 7:55 AM | Admin (Administrator)

Taking the Defect Out of Tree Risk - Article Update

'Taking the Defect Out of Tree Risk' is published in the current NZArb 'Tree Matters' magazine.

It first appeared in the UK's Arboricultural Association's (AA) Arb Magazine (Spring 2001).

There are a couple of important improvements in the latest version.

Like the Obvious Tree Risk Features Guide, which now includes construction damage.

We've also improved the VALID Likelihood of Failure mnemonic to prepare for v2 our Tree Risk App. In our excitement about dumping the red DEFECT and replacing it with the neutral DECAY in the AA version, we neglected how this affected some subheadings.

Tree Defects Hazards v Features BenefitsTree Defects & Hazards v Features & Benefits


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