Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy

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We’ve got a free Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy just for you.  No matter how big your organisation, or how small your garden.

Whether you’re a Government Agency with thousands of trees.

A Landowner with hundreds.  Or a Homeowner with just one tree.  We can help you with common sense tree risk-benefit management.

Each basic strategy comes with our handy Obvious Tree Risk Features guide which you're welcome to share.


If you're working for a national, state, highway, municipal, or local authority.  This is your Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy.

This complete strategy includes a Policy, Plan, Active & Passive Assessment Note, Risk Reduction Work Priorities, Summer Branch Drop (SBD) advice, and the Obvious Tree Risk Features guide.

If you'd like help customising your approach to Tree Risk-Benefit Management, contact us, or Find an ArboristWe can also help you by delivering 'Tree Risk & Obvious Tree Risk Features' training. That way your staff can confidently carry out 'Passive Assessments' - which is keeping an eye out for obvious tree risk features.

Current version v2.03


If you're a Landowner, download the Landowner Strategy.  Then Find an Arborist to carry out an 'Active Assessment' of your trees in high-use zones every 5 years.

Also, make sure you and your staff have read the Obvious Tree Risk Features guide.  That way you can carry out 'Passive Assessments'.  Passive Assessment simply means keeping an eye out for tree risk features that are so obvious you can't help but notice them.

Current version v2.03


If you're a Homeowner, all you need do to manage your tree risk is download and save the Homeowner Strategy.  Have a look at the Obvious Tree Risk Features guide.  If you see any obvious tree defects on your trees, then go to Find an Arborist to get help.

Current version v2.03

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